The Crow Island Stewardship Group was established by resolution of the Winnetka Public Schools Board of Education on March 2, 2005. Since its beginning, the Crow Island Stewardship Group has been devoted to discussions and activities of stewardship that have defined and affirmed our role in the life of the school.

The goal of the Crow Island Stewardship Group is to gather a group of faculty and interested citizens to serve as advocates for Crow Island School for the purposes of

  • Protecting the integrity of the building in keeping with its National Landmark status.
  • Continuing to educate students, parents, and teachers about the history and value of Crow Island.
  • Informing our community about the status of the building and its importance to the field of education and architecture
  • Maintaining Crow Island as an example of a school building that embodies the spirit of progressive philosophy of education.
  • Preserving Crow Island as an example of a school building resulting from the intended and focused collaboration of architects and educators in the design of space to further students’ learningr

Executive Leadership

Betty Carbol, former student and teacher

Brad Goldstein, District CFO

Beth Hebert, former principal

Dr. Trisha Kocanda, District Superintendent

Penny Lanphier, community member

Mary Mumbrue, former teacher

Laurie Petersen, community member

Dr. Julie Pfeffer, Crow Island Principal

Patti Van Cleave, former student and community member